CHA Resident Leads Effort to Embrace Diversity

CHA has a long tradition of welcoming staff, patients and community members from diverse backgrounds. Recently, Dominic Wu, MD, part of our Family Medicine program, created a new graphic to show all of our patients that CHA is a safe space.

During the summer of 2016, Dominic and other staff at the CHA Malden Family Medicine Center including Andrea Gordon, MD, were looking for ways to promote diversity at CHA. He asked, “How can we make our patients feel more comfortable?” As part of this process he began soliciting ideas, and words, from colleagues which he incorporated into the design of the new graphic. The overarching message from the graphic is to embrace our differences and show solidarity.

This graphic reinforces why we all chose to work at CHA - it is a place where we celebrate diversity and strive to ensure our patients are treated with respect and dignity no matter their circumstances.