Center for Homicide Bereavement

No Time to Say Goodbye…

Grieving the sudden and unexpected loss of a loved one is painful. You’re not alone. At the Center for Homicide Bereavement, survivors learn to cope with new realities that include law enforcement, criminal justice and the media. You may feel that those around you don’t understand or know how to offer you the support you need. Our staff offers you the safety and support that you need during this difficult time.

This program is supported by the Massachusetts Office for Victims Assistance through the 1984 VOCA grant from the Office for Victims of Crime, OJP, US Department of Justice.

You’re Not Alone – common reactions of homicide bereavement

  • Always thinking about the murder
  • Unexpected thoughts/images
  • Feeling different from others – alone
  • Feeling guilty or blaming yourself
  • Thoughts/fantasies about revenge
  • Feeling "unreal"
  • Spiritual doubts/questions
  • Feeling fearful or unsafe
  • Confusion/forgetfulness
  • Fatigue/changes in sleep and appetite
  • Unfamiliar aches, pains, headache
  • Loss of interest in usual activities

The Services You Need – programs for adults, children and families

  • Crisis intervention and ongoing bereavement counseling for all ages and for families
  • Bereavement support groups – a safe space to receive caring support, share your concerns and feelings and find new ways of coping
  • Victim advocacy, consultation and support
  • Community forums in aftermath of a violent death
  • Information and referral to other CHA services and community resources

Important Resources

Assistance and support for victims of crime and their families throughout the prosecution of a criminal case:

  • Middlesex District Attorney’s Office, 781-897-8383
  • Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office, 617-619-4000
  • Norfolk County District Attorney’s Office, 781-830-4800

Victim's rights and services:

  • Massachusetts Office for Victim Assistance, 617-586-1340

Victim compensation:

  • Victim Compensation & Assistance Division, Office of Attorney General, 617-727-2200

Information on certification to receive information on convicted offenders:

  • Criminal History Systems Board, 617-660-4600

Status of incarcerated offender:

  • Massachusetts Department of Correction Victim Services Unit, 866-6-VICTIM (866-684-2846)

Offender’s parole eligibility:

  • Massachusetts Parole Board Victim Service Unit, 508-650-4543