Geriatric Psychiatry

With people living longer than ever, there is a need for mental health services that understand older adults. At CHA, we are here to help.

Older adults (seniors) often face new challenges as they age. Examples include coping with new health concerns, or changes in employment or housing. People may lose friends and family members, and some begin to lose their independence. Others may lose their ability to problem solve or care for themselves.

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Knowing How to Help

Cambridge Health Alliance is a leader in mental health care. Our geriatric psychiatry team is compassionate and has deep connections in the community. We will help you access expert mental health care at CHA and beyond - giving you the tools and resources to manage your needs, in a local setting.

Your Culture, Your Language

CHA is proud to serve patients from across the globe. We offer bilingual providers and interpreters in 75 languages, including patients who are deaf or hard of hearing. This makes mental health care more accessible for patients who may be hesitant to seek out these services.

Emotional Healing and Wellness

Staff at CHA genuinely and deeply care about adults and their families during difficult times. We get to know our patients, work to understand their needs and how we can best help to achieve better health. We also use state-of-the-art research to inform our treatment plans.

Unparalleled staff

Most of our doctors and social workers are on the faculty of Harvard Medical School. This gives you access to some of the best clinical care teams in our convenient neighborhood care centers.