Victims of Violence

Experiencing violence whether personally or in your community is often traumatizing. The Victims of Violence Program (VOV) recognizes the value of community-based social action to prevent violence and the importance of empowering care. Our group treatment program can help you mobilize resiliency, promote renewed hope and restore your self-esteem by reducing your isolation and strengthening your connections to your community. VOV focuses first on personal safety, then on dealing with the effects of violence which often leads to empowered relationships with others.

Your Care at its Best

Need Immediate Assistance?

  • SafeLink's Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-877-785-2020
  • Boston Area Rape Crisis Center Hotline: 1-800-841-8371
  • 911

We’re Here to Help:

  • For survivors of a violent crime within the past six months, call Acute Crime Crisis Services: 617-591-6033
  • For those who have lost someone to homicide, call Homicide Bereavement Services: 617-591-6123
  • For individual psychotherapy, call 617-591-6033
  • For group psychotherapy services for trauma, call Groups Coordinator: 617-591-6104

Support Services

VOV offers specific programs for people dealing with trauma and violence – physical, sexual, or war-related political trauma. Please contact your primary care provider for a referral. Specific services include:

Assessment and Trauma Treatment: Clinical care (crisis intervention, psychological assessment, treatment planning and psychotherapy) for adult survivors of physical and sexual violence.

Group Programs: A wide array of groups offered, including groups for adult survivors of childhood abuse and domestic violence and groups for parents, partners, siblings and children of murdered family members.

Acute Crimes Services: Crisis intervention and response (initial crisis assessment, treatment planning and episodic or time-limited crisis-focused psychotherapy) for acutely traumatized crime victims and their families.

Center for Homicide Bereavement: Learn to cope with the realities of losing a loved one from homicide.



VOV provides trauma support at multiple locations to individuals and families who are CHA patients, most of whom live in the MetroNorth service area of CHA.