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Welcome to the Cambridge Health Alliance (CHA) Vendor page. We are committed to delivering the best in patient care. We recognize that vendors are an essential part of our delivery, so we carefully select our vendors.

There are three areas of this page you will want to review:

  1. Information about our Purchasing Department
  2. How to register to do business with us using CHA’s Vendor Portal & GHX Vendormate
  3. How to submit a product/service for review through MedApproved

About our Purchasing Department

Purchasing is part of the Materials Management department. We are located at Commerce Place, 350 Main Street, Malden, near Malden Center. Our phone number is 781-338-0635.

All Vendors, with the exception of Pharmaceutical representatives, are strongly urged to meet with a representative from Purchasing prior to making any sales or service calls to any individual or department at CHA to become familiar with processes relating to the introduction of new products or technologies.

For Pharmaceutical Reps

Please contact our Pharmacy department directly. To do business with CHA you must attend a mandatory orientation session, held monthly.

Vendors who frequently visit CHA facilities will be asked to join the CHA Vendor Program designed to streamline the collection and management of key information regarding regulatory and compliance status as well as business operations of our vendors and suppliers. CHA has partnered with GHX Vendormate for this process.

How to Register to do Business with CHA

Beginning Monday, August 12, 2019 you will be able to register to do business with CHA using our new vendor portal.

To begin, simply click this link.

Diversity Suppliers

CHA is interested in building a diverse supplier business base and encourages any Minority, Woman, or Veteran owned business to contact us about your company and product offerings. In addition, CHA is very interested in improving the health of its communities and encourages vendors with environmentally friendly or green products to send information to the Purchasing Department for analysis and discussion.

Vendor Representative Credentialing

All vendor companies and representatives must complete registration in order to do business at CHA facilities.

An annual credentialing fee covers all representatives of your company who interact with CHA. The price ranges depending on your company's risk profile and is paid directly to our partner, GHX Vendormate, Inc. It is important that each representative registers individually to maintain personal credentials and ensure ongoing access to our facilities.

For more about the program or to register, please go to the CHA GHX Vendormate website.

GHX Vendormate’s Open Access offers alternative pricing and access to ALL GHX Vendormate hospitals for one fee. Please contact GHX Vendormate by email for more information.

A Federal Tax identification number (FEIN) and a Credit Card are required to complete the initial registration. Additional representatives only need the Federal Tax identification number.

Representatives who visit CHA will be required to sign in electronically. With a valid appointment and current credentials, your representative will be able to print a single-use identification badge to be worn throughout the visit to any CHA facility.

We value our vendor relationships and appreciate your participation in this program.

If you have technical questions, please use the Support Center link on the GHX Vendormate website.

For more information, please contact GHX Vendormate at

New Product, Service and/or Equipment Request

Any requests for CHA to consider a new product, service and/or equipment (with the exception of pharmaceuticals) should be first presented to the CHA Purchasing Manager or designee.  Typically, CHA will require cross reference and pricing information prior to entering any request into the organization’s Value Analysis program.  Reimbursement information, if available, will also help the committees in their deliberation process.  Failure to do so may delay and hinder proposal review efforts by the Value Analysis Team.

eCommerce Partner – Datatrans

DataTrans Solutions, Inc.In January 2017, in an effort to reduce processing expenses and promote a more efficient process, CHA entered into an agreement with DataTrans Solutions as the Preferred EDI Solution.  DataTrans provides a simple, inexpensive web-based EDI solution to quickly assist suppliers with EDI capability.   DataTrans WebEDI solution is preconfigured to adhere to CHA’s EDI requirements and allows CHA to transmit Purchase Orders and receive acknowledgements and invoices electronically.  CHA urges vendors to take advantage of DataTrans powerful, affordable and intuitive WebEDI solution for not just your interactions with CHA but all EDI requirements.

For more information, please contact Datatrans:
Phone: (800)469-0877, option 1
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